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“The garden with Food for All is the best thing I do all summer. It has an absolute positive effect on the availability of fresh produce to folks who might not have this otherwise.”

Miles, FFA Partner Gardener

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Food for All is an innovative organic garden program providing life-giving, high-impact opportunities for corporations, universities, faith communities and other groups looking for meaningful community engagement. Trellis staff work together with partner organizations to design and install attractive raised-bed gardens on site, and provide a full stewardship plan for the garden and education of all volunteers.

Food for All provides rewarding opportunities in community engagement, volunteerism and social responsibility while meeting the needs of those struggling with food insecurity. Growing partners in the Food for All program commit to donating at least half of their harvest to local pantries and other food assistance programs, resulting in an immediate and significant impact on access to nutritionally dense, organic food.

At Trellis, we are eager to see this important program continue to grow. If you believe your organization would be a good fit for Food for All or for more information, email David Ryle.



David Ryle
Director, Food for All

In light of COVID-19, we ask that all volunteers for the Summer 2020 Food For All program read and sign our updated waiver.

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