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  1. Everyone is set up as “Authors”, meaning you can Add, Edit, Delete all your Posts. Cannot modify other people’s Posts. Media (Images & PDF) – You will have access to the Media Library, but only to the images and PDFs that you upload.  Please do not upload images already in the Website pages and the Gallery. Having same images show up again decreases performance and lessens credibility. Advise one Image per post. If there are more they should be submitted to the website Systems Administrator for optimization before placement in the Gallery.  Links within the post should be internal links (urls within our website – for example, to a PDF file you uploaded).  Please do not use External Links that lead to other sites.
  2. Click Log In link in the Bottom Footer Menu
  3. Login with your username and password created for you exclusively. Do not share with others.
  4. Upon Login, the “My Posts” screen below appears. It only shows post created by you. See Sample below.


My Posts (Sample)

Create New Post
Date Title Status Category Action
2015-02-20  Sample Post 1 Published GENERAL 0 Edit  Delete
2015-02-09  Sample Post 2 Published GENERAL 0 Edit  Delete

Create new Post:   Click on “Create a Post” in the “My Posts” screen:

Edit Post: Click Edit on the post you wish to Modify to bring up the “Edit Post Screen”

Delete Post:  Caution: Please undo all PDF links, delete the corresponding images and PDF files, before you hit Delete. If this is not done Users are likely to get random 404 “Not Found” error messages. Thank you.     

Please Logout: Click Logout menu button![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Required Fields for Creating and Editing Posts: 

Title:  Keep it Customer understandable, precise and meaningful.

Content:  Please place one or two lines conveying purpose/objective of Post in  “Excerpt” which will show under your Featured Image.

  1. Preparing Post Content: Compose the Textual Content of your Post in MS-word or Googledoc. Do not compose on the fly in the website.
  2. Select one Image to be included in Post as your “Featured Image“.
  3. Click on “Featured Image” box at the bottom.  
    1. The Media Upload Screen will open up. Select “Upload” and Click “Select Files” to access your computer or server files
    2. Pick your photo (medium size pixels 450 x 450  or less recommended) and click “Open
    3. This opens up the “Insert Media” screen:
      • Then look at “Attachment Display Settings” and “Select as follows”::
        • Alignment: None
        • Link To: None
        • Size: Full
        • Option: Pick”Featured Image”  (not Add Media)
        • Click “Insert into Post
    4. Paste the Text below the Image. Perform Edits, Do a Preview.
    5. Wrap up Content: Complete finalizing Content.

Categories:  Select the appropriate Posts Category  for both Create and Edit Post functions; so it does not default to “General”

  • Events (Only to announce Events)
  • Program Specific Categories 
  • General (Broad Topics) 
  • Announcement (Create Flyer and embed in Post)

Note: Home Page will display Posts in Categories of Announcements, Events and General. Everything else shows us up in Blog.

Tags  No more than 2 per post .Keywords making posts visible in Searches and great for SEO. See table of suggested keywords below based on prior SEO analysis.  Contact systems administrator to add more keywords. Recommend using same keywords (better for SEO), rather than making up new ones on the fly.    Too many tags with few blogs is not good for SEO rankings.

Excerpt (optional) – Not Required – First few lines of Post should give a crisp summary snapshot (sound bite).

Actions: 1. Save   2. Save & Return   3.Save & Preview 

Logout: Very important!


Creating Links to PDF Docs in Text (Optional):

PDF docs must be inserted into Media Library:

    For each PDF Doc to be “Added”:

  • Click “Add Media” button
  • Select “Upload” and Click “Select Files” to access your computer or server files
  • Pick your Document (PDF) and click “Open

This opens up the “Insert Media” screen: Go to the top right of the screen and click “Close

a. After all PDF Docs are Inserted – Click “Save and Preview” to Upload PDF Docs to Media Library.

b. From the “Save & Preview” screen, Click on “Edit” to get back to the Post screen with all the text in place.

c. Next step is to Create hyperlinks to the PDF Docs at the appropriate places in the text:

  • Click “Add Media” button, go to Media Library, Select the PDF Doc, then go to the right side and copy URL , then close screen
  • Now back in the Posts screen; Highlight text where the link to document is needed and click on the paperclip icon in the toolbox above. In the pop-up, paste the URL for the PDF Doc, check “Open link in New Window” and click “Add Link”.

           Note: Repeat the two steps above for every PDF Doc that needs to be linked via text in the Post.

d. After PDF Docs are Linked in Text – Click “Save and Preview”.  Ensure links open PDF docs in new tabs.

e. Click “Edit” to get back to Post Edit screen – Select Categories, Tags,  Save & Preview, Return.  


Place Actual Flyer PDF in Post (rather than a hyperlink within the Post)

Note: This is the preferred approach for Announcements (jobs, events, etc)

  1. Prepare Image: create image (jpg, not png) – Not of the whole Flyer: Just Top Part Only – Idea is to convey Purpose/Title of Flyer
  2. Prepare Full PDF Flyer
  3. Login to website with your “Author” Id.
  4. Go to Create Post.
  5. Pick meaningful precise title (Will be Visible to Users)
  6. Upload PDF Flyer and scroll down and select “File URL”. Copy this and keep it aside. (this is the link you will need to place later in the Uploaded Image). Go back to Edit Screen.
  7. Now, in the Edit Screen – Click on “featured image” box at the bottom.
  8. In the Next Screen, Select Source – Computer or Media Library
  9. Left Side of screen shows Options that define what type of image this will become: a) add media b) featured image, c) thumbnail….
  10. Pick “Featured Image” option and choose Large (or Full) size and scroll down
  11. As you scroll, you will see “Link”. Here place the “File URL” of your PDF Flyer, which you jotted down while uploading your PDF file. (Note: Image is now a hot link to your Flyer).
  12. Click Insert into Post, gets back to Edit Screen.
  13. Now go to Excerpt  box at the bottom: Type in a couple of lines to reflect what its about, so users will want to click and go read more.
  14. No other words are required in the body of the Post.
  15. Select “Announcement” as the “Category”. No tags required.
  16. Hit Save and Preview.
  17. Then you can publish.
  18. Now go to Trellis site home page and scroll down and see if it looks OK.
  19. What you have done is placed your enticing Flyer PDF within the body of the Post.
  20. Home page has been setup to pull automatically Posts in Categories: Announcements, Events and display the featured image and Excerpt at the bottom.



SEO Keywords List to use as Tags (Choose no more than 2 per Post – separate by comma)

Note:  Please notify the Systems Administrator to add/modify this list.  Making up too many new words on the fly, will not help SEO. These Tags are functional in nature, and depict the key themes of our identity.

children healthy living
children wellness
community food
community gardens
farm to table culinary arts,
food bank, food for needy
food nutrition
green career training
green internship
grow healthy food
organic gardening
Philadelphia internships
raised bed garden
summer internships
green jobs
sustainable agriculture training
youth entrepreneur
youth environmental education
youth gardening
youth leadership