Internship Opportunities

At Trellis for Tomorrow we are crazy about this world. Bonkers. Nuts. And not just about this planet, but everybody who lives on it, too. We want to see it last, and even get better, which is why we are working hard to get people to think about—or rethink— their relationship with the environment and with each other, and to shift the focus toward fresh, innovative and creative solutions for our most pressing challenges.

We are working to flip the script on the unsustainable practices and systems in our society which are contributing toward a damaged environment and limited possibilities for growth, to build resilient communities from the ground up, and we need your help!

Trellis for Tomorrow internships are designed for daring, enthusiastic, creative, forward-thinking, bold, hopeful, passionate, community-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile, get their hands dirty and/or lead by example. It also helps if you believe: A) this world is worth saving, B) it can be saved and C) you might have unrealized superpowers to help save it (just kidding….or are we?).

For information regarding Spring and Summer Trellis internships, please contact:

David Ryle, Senior Program Coordinator at