Project Pathway

“Although Glenmede originally partnered with Project Pathway to partake in what we considered a teaching opportunity, it’s quite possible that we learned more from the Project Pathway students than they learned from us. Their devotion to their families and their communities, as well as their distinct vision for their futures, truly inspired us. We look forward to continue working alongside the excellent team at Trellis for Tomorrow to aid them in creating a world in which every young person has the opportunity and life skills necessary to achieve their goals and ultimately enrich their communities.”

Laura & Samantha, Glenmede


Project Pathway is designed to assist teens in high school as they explore career options and gain insight into their career interests, preparing them for their future journey. Project Pathway combines mentorship, guidance and career exploration opportunities to build upon foundational academic skills acquired in the classroom and to coordinate activities that facilitate teen participation in community, career development and personal enrichment. Group discussion, personal assessment, interactive activities and field trips position teens for success after graduation. By charting their course today, teens build pathways for their future.

Project Pathway Program Tools: Leadership, Employment, Entrepreneurship & Community


Hannah Davis
Director of Montgomery County Youth Programs