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Youth Leadership Extension

Youth Leadership Extension connects youth aged 16-24 with meaningful, PAID work experiences. Trellis for Tomorrow is excited to partner with the Montgomery County Workforce Development Board for our 2021 internship season!

The YLE program is designed to benefit adolescents and young adults and nonprofit organizations/social impact businesses that are geographically accessible to those individuals. In 2021, Trellis for Tomorrow will vet, support, and pay interns who live in Montgomery County to work at local nonprofits and social impact businesses. Internships range from 25-40 hours a week and take place over the course of 4-8 weeks starting July 1, 2021.

See our 2020 internship season information below for examples of host sites and to read testimonials from our interns!

Process for Interns

Prospective interns submit an application of interest to Trellis for Tomorrow. Once an application has been received, a Trellis staff member will interview the applicant to better understand their interests. Trellis staff will then work to place them with social impact organizations that aligns well with the applicant’s interests and skills. Once a potential match to a host site is identified, the intern will interview with the host directly and the host will decide to make an offer.

If accepted, the intern will participate in an pre-internship success program with Trellis staff. Over the course of the internship, Trellis staff will also meet weekly with the intern to provide support and mentorship, paving the way for a highly successful experience for both intern and host.

Please note: Interns must reside in Montgomery County and must provide their own transportation to any in-person internships. Applying to the program does not guarantee placement.

Process for Host Organizations

Prospective host organizations submit an application of interest to Trellis. A Trellis staff member will interview the host site to better understand their needs and role available for an intern, including the level and quality of supervision. Once a potential intern match is identified, the host will interview the intern. If the intern is offered a role, the host site will sign an agreement with Trellis and the intern will be onboarded. Trellis staff will meet with representatives at the host site regularly during the internship to help foster communication, paving the way for a highly successful experience for both intern and host.

Please note: Applying as a host organization does not guarantee that we will find an intern match for you.

Interested in Applying as an Intern or Host Site?  Contact Us! 

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Trellis for Tomorrow is an equal opportunity organization and makes all employment/volunteer/program acceptance decisions without regard to race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), national origin, disability, age, genetic information, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws.

Learn More About YLE’s 2020 Internship Program 

 In 2020, 12 interns were connected with the following non-profit organizations for internship positions:   

Ann’s Heart in Phoenixville, PA  

Barnstone Art for Kids in Phoenixville, PA 

Chester County Food Bank in Exton, PA 

Good Samaritan Services in Coatesville, PA  

Green Allies in Pottstown, PA   

Orion Communities in Phoenixville, PA 

Phoenixville Are Positive Alternatives (PAPA) in Phoenixville, PA  

Phoenixville Time Bank in Phoenixville, PA  

Trellis for Tomorrow in Phoenixville, PA 

Check out what our participants and hosts
had to say about their experiences:

Our Participants:
To fill out our intern application, please click here.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for this internship opportunity that you offered to me this year. It has been such a great experience and I really appreciate all that you have done to foster a connection between me and the Chester County Food Bank. Thank you again so much!”
Bella, Intern at Chester County Food Bank 

“[The most memorable aspect was] pretty much the entire job, it was one of the best scenarios I could have had.”
Hunter, Intern at Green Allies

“[Continue] to offer opportunities to people who need internships. I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a full resume when applying for future opportunities, because employers or hiring staff want to know that you have experience and applicable skills…Also, my internship was with PAPA, a non-profit, which teaches totally different skills than say Target or a restaurant where many young people have early jobs, and those skills translate into greater opportunities than those of a part-time high school job can.”
Caroline, Intern at Phoenixville Area Positive Alternatives  

Our Hosts:
To fill out our host application, please click here.

“I really enjoyed working with Ze’Aira and Trellis and look forward to working with them again. Also, Ze’Aira was such a great intern that we hired her on as part of our team after the internship was over.”
Tim F., Operations Manager, Good Samaritan Services 

“She [Bella] will continue on with CCFB through the fall as a Community Food Advocate on a part-time basis. We adore her!”
Wendy G., Director of Food Security Initiatives, Chester County Food Bank 

“Outstanding experience with Trellis. Bob was a great partner…Loved and appreciated this opportunity, and I look forward to a shared, cooperative future!”
Sean H., Executive Director, Barnstone Art for Kids

Learn more about our partner organizations! 

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